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"Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all."

UNO Sustainable Development Goals

Education for everyone

We want to make sure all students, regardless of financial background, have access to quality tutoring for maths.


This is why all of our exercises are free, and will stay free.

our Mission

Help Students Succeed

Through modern didactic methods, such as microlearning and personalised online curricula, students will learn faster and remember longer.


By using ARchimedes as a supplementary material to homework, students gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and become better at problem solving.

Make learning fun

Gamification and cutting-edge technologies make learning fun and exciting.


All of our topics are relevant to the age group and show them how math applies to everyday life.

Partner: Mission

What's in it for you

For educators

If you sign up for a pilot test, you and your class will gain full access to the latest version of ARchimedes, including all premium features. You will receive technical support if anything goes wrong, and your feedback will be used to further improve ARchimedes.

For schoolbook publishers

If you want to add an innovative digital learning solution to your portfolio, ARchimedes is the way to go! With future-proof technology, pedagogically proven learning methods, and close alignment to national curricula, ARchimedes is the perfect companion for every school book.

For industry partners

If your business is in the STEM field and you are looking for employees, you can sponsor an exercise. We will work with you to create an interactive exercise that gives students exciting insights into life at your company, and encourages them to apply for a job.



You are...

...a book publisher and want to add digital tools to your portfolio?

...a teacher looking to use ARchimedes in your classroom?

...interested in what we are doing and want to learn more?

Feel free to contact us!

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