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ARchimedes’ Co-Founder on the Future of Education - A virtual panel discussion

Read about Huang’s experience on her first virtual panel discussion

Exactly one month ago, I was invited to talk about ARchimedes in the 7th edition of the Inspiring Chats series, hosted my the digital makers hub (dmh), to talk about “zukunfts.WISSEN zukunfts.BILDUNG” (future.KNOWLEDGE future.EDUCATION). Within 75 minutes, I got to discuss with four experts from the educational field about lifelong learning, 21st century skills and current developments in education, amongst other interesting topics. The discussion was recorded and is now online on Youtube (in German):

The discussion was moderated by Gabriele Permoser, who did a great job in involving everyone into the discussion. The invited experts were:

  • Katalin Szondy - Leader for university and curricula development at UAS St.Pölten

  • Ulf-Daniel Ehlers - Educational researcher and professor for educational management and lifelong learning at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University

  • Petra Scholze-Simmel - Managing Director of the leaderregion Mostviertel-Mitte

  • Johann Günter - Media scientist and university expert and professor at Jianghan University Wuhan

  • Me, Huang Chen, Co-founder of ARchimedes and interactive technology student at UAS St.Pölten.

Thank you digital makers hub and all participants for this opportunity! It was a great honour to talk about ARchimedes and to share my experience as a founder and student.The discussion provided food for thought and showed again that the future is in our own hands.

P.S.: If you are interested to create the future of math education with us, make sure to contact us:

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